Liszt and Mallarmé were cousins.
Both born into a great European artistocratic family of the early XX century, all they were asked to do was to respect the families wishes and carry on the family's ancient musical traditions.
Liszt was okay with that. After all, he never showed any sign of ambitions beside their parents' ones. His skills on the grand-piano were well known not only in Austria, but they quickly spread throughout the whole Europe. He was the perfect heir of the Lanflyte family.
His father couldn't ask for a better son.

On the contrary, for Mallarmé things were different.
He was a dreamer. He was a rebel.
As if to flout the desires of his family, he preferred to play a miserable violin to the imponent black grand-piano.
Who better if not the diligent austrian cousin Liszt to bring him in the right path?

The Piano was their only tie.
Beside that, they weren't meant to be together.
They really weren't mean to be together.

But things went different...
And now, they're still paying for their sins...

"Innocent no more"

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Автор Yumiko_Ito