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Записи пользователя: BJD - I Like (список заголовков)

A song per week (January)

This is a weekly challenge I wanted to start last year but because of reasons never got around to do it. I decided this was the year to do it. I need to take a pic every week inspired by a song. These are the first ones and I gotta say it's harder than I thought. One thing is having the perfect picture in your head, and other totally different what it looks like as the final image.

Click on the song names for a youtube link.

Katatonia - My Twin

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~ Mechanical Butterfly ~ (Iplehouse SID Asa gray skin)

Here's Gemma and her new look :)

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Falling for you [Souldoll Killian x Migidoll Jina]

This is an older photostory, and the first one I'd ever tried, so I thought I'd share.
Here we have Banshee [who belongs to ErrorAuthor] and Vinny [who belongs to me] and their usual interaction.
Banshee is a playful sort of fellow and Vinny tends to leap before looking, so the bros are likely to get into some sort of trouble sooner or later.

Vinessa is a Migidoll Jina on a Spiritdoll Proud body
Banshee is a Souldoll Killian on a Soom Supergem Body

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●๋•| Innocent no more|| Liszt & Mallarmé ~ { MSDoll Drayton / DOD Lahoo

Liszt and Mallarmé were cousins.
Both born into a great European artistocratic family of the early XX century, all they were asked to do was to respect the families wishes and carry on the family's ancient musical traditions.
Liszt was okay with that. After all, he never showed any sign of ambitions beside their parents' ones. His skills on the grand-piano were well known not only in Austria, but they quickly spread throughout the whole Europe. He was the perfect heir of the Lanflyte family.
His father couldn't ask for a better son.

On the contrary, for Mallarmé things were different.
He was a dreamer. He was a rebel.
As if to flout the desires of his family, he preferred to play a miserable violin to the imponent black grand-piano.
Who better if not the diligent austrian cousin Liszt to bring him in the right path?

The Piano was their only tie.
Beside that, they weren't meant to be together.
They really weren't mean to be together.

But things went different...
And now, they're still paying for their sins...

"Innocent no more"

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Автор Yumiko_Ito


Happy Halloween [Dollshe Husky]

XD ~ Happy Halloween XD

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Автор xinxiya


Jane Doe

Автор *kuroi-carousel


The Alchimist

Автор romantique ♔ osmose



Автор AraDolls


Steam adventures (Mr. Braun/Soom Heliot)

Here comes Mr. Braun again! ^_^ This time photos are taken and re-touched by my friend. We had fun!

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Автор Quasimer


Rings and things {one photo - Leeke Adolf}

Rings and things {one photo - Leeke Adolf}

Автор ptwinny


⊱❤The rabbit sir❤⊰ (Angell-Studio Baili)

It is the new style doll for Angell-Studio named Bali TUSU~A handsome boy, I love him so much~:D:D This cloths called [SIZE=2]A Midsummer Night's Dream and the design inspiration
made from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but it isn't made for me, it is my friend's products~:)
Wish your like and thank you for ornamental.

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Автор saya_jiuhui


His Majesty's New Clothes (David Bowie/Jareth MiniMee)

Glitter attack! Cover your eyes! Hide your babies!

Enter His Majesty, the Goblin King in his regal dark armor.

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Автор Katyok


Romantic Corset (Oasisdoll Jessie)

Model:Oasisdoll Jessie
Outfits:Elwing by wawazc
Vintage Doll fan:Sarina W.
Photos:Sarina W.

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Автор killbill


She'll eat you alive {Magenta ~ Soom Migma}


Art of Suicide

Автор lajvio


"Creepy" pictures (Saint, Lahoo, Regen head, dbd doll body ~ HUGE!)

Hello everybody! Since today's Halloween and all that stuff, I thought it would be nice to share all the "creepy" pics I've been doing lately. All of them are photomanipulations except for the last one (the one with the couch took me hella long because that sofa... Is my sofa xD)

Enjoy! :fangirl:

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Автор Carmen


[Zaoll][Dollstown] > White Rabbit & the Red Queen < [mild blood warning]

This photoset was meant to celebrate the spring flowers, and only later on[realised how much it made me think of Alice in Wonderland: The white roses getting painted in red in order not to anger the Red Queen :)

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Автор Bluoxyde


World Of Princes (SOOM Shoshon; Ender;Phonolus;Souldoll Chiron;AS Huaxi; Spirit;IOS)


Merry Christmas in June (David Bowie MNM)

And a preview of things to come:

Автор Katyok


any other day (c-line lishe)

[QUOTE=fenris;9064400]i haven't had much time to post any photoshoots for a while, so was happy to have the time to finally sit down and do a long overdue shoot with my c-line lishe, dante morrigan. :)

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Автор fenris

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