Ranmaru One role (Soom Sabik)


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[COSPLAY]♠【+The Phantom Of The Opera+】♠[IP EID - AV]

The phantom of the opera

"I am your angle of music."

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The Show Must Go On... [Ambrose, Spiritdoll Abies]

The show? Oh, it was excellent!

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Guns, Conmen & Russians - What Else? [ Volks, DZ, Iple, K-Doll & Crobi boys ]

[QUOTE=gridbug;8769187]Hii~ Sorry, but I'll pretty much be picspamming my boys in this post XD I've been taking a lot of doll pictures lately and I think it'd just be a nightmare to make seperate threads for all of them. I've been getting ready to start my huge dolly project since I'm finally getting all of my main cast together. It's so exciting and I can't wait to get cracking on it.

The basic plan at this point is that my whole DA account is dedicated to one singular storyline to do with my doll crew. Each picture or mini photostory is a snippet from their story, their lives and their world (either with a bit of story in the description of each, or like a mini thought blog of what's going on in their head). Not all of their lives intersect or cross paths directly, but each and every doll is interconnected with one another via certain degrees of seperation, just like in real life. ^_^

Hopefully once three main boys I still have coming have arrived here and are fully customised, I can begin the real project - which is making a fully serialised webcomic telling their story from start to finish~ I really want to try and make it as awesome as a drawn webcomic (I was originally going to draw it, actually, but then felt that it might be more interesting, and more of a challenge if I used my actual boys!).

The story revolves around multiple groups - S.I.D.R.R.A, Murdoch's Paradox, Gabriel & Co, 'The Ivans' and Hell Incorporated to be specific. The pics in this post are from various groups, but I hope you enjoy them anyway~~

Sorry for the lead in that got long! I just felt like giving some back story haha XD Without further ado - picspam!

WARNING: if you're not comfortable with the thought of demons, the devil or the taking/collecting of souls - please do not read the descriptions under the images. While there are no actual photos of this, the storyline revolves around it. ^_^ I thought I should add that before we go too far.

Welcome to S.I.D.R.R.A, the Soul Investigation, Debt Recovery and Reconciliation Agency – otherwise known as Level 13. We specialise in soul retrieval for debt purposes as a subcontractor for Hell Incorporated as well as many other services. We are not directly linked with Hell Inc.'s policies and will remain an independent party at all times. Your confidentiality is of great importance to us here at S.I.D.R.R.A, so please rest assured that we will take the utmost care to protect your interests and act with discretion at all times

Lost a Soul? Payee skipped town when his contract was due for collection? Need your contract renegotiated? We here at S.I.D.R.R.A have you covered.

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Scorpio (happy B-day Ark) [Unidoll Ark]


Calandur, the Usurper (SDF Abadon mod. elf + heavy mod. Perennial body)

*Warning: some partial nudity in the end, for modding display, of course!*

Five years, five bodies, five heads, a ton of moddings and days of despair later, until my dark elven lord is finished. And the best part is that he only had to 'shells', his former elf el body, and the Abadon version... but to find a suitable body for him has been quite an adventure, that by the way had the secondary effect of turning me into some kind of doll customizer. I will save the long and boring story of how we reached this point, and will simply post him.

The Abadon head has sanded lips and elf ears added. The flexi-perennial body was done by custom order in a matching color, and had the neck augmented and re-shaped, the thighs ball joint was re-designed and fused to the rest of the piece, and the joint was re-done. All the moddings were later covered with airbrushed liquid polymer instead of paint, so they would be invisible and resistant to thinner, rub and cracking. Hands are 2007 soom jointed hands, so the color matches the yellow hue of the resin. And I went insane in the process.

Welcome back, AhnCalandur, the Usurper. Bastard :|

This one had a different color adjust... turned more blueish:

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Careful what you wish for...(Lilu - SM Sard, Demian - DS Saint) boy love warning

An incubus in action...!

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Demon of Dreams (Soom Sard plus Soom Beryl)


[ Magnificent ] - Soom Sard




Soom Auber

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A necromancer's evening

BJD Зацепившие фото